Just Penned!! – A Dialogue with Him


The last time I kept my pen down
I thought a page was saved
My love for you waged a war
And again a path is paved

I fear not Thy ring of fire
I shall bring twigs for Thy pyre
I dare not to beg for heavens
For your old lovers have shunned it

Were I the chaste Rabiya?!
Were I the romantic Rumi?!
Were I His frenzy Shams?!
Weren’t I any of Thee?!

Yet what drives me to You
Make me sing Your praise
Lunatically long for You
And throng at Your gates?!

O poor scribble pad
Enough of your bluff!
Aren’t you following
Rabiya the chaste?!
She never complained
But with all will awaited my grace

And your Rumi the romantic
Was an adept and a strict disciple
Shams the frantic
Was indulged in my craze

Keep your pen down
Wage war against your wishes
Rise with will and hope
And not with cheap verses anymore

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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