Just Penned!! – Cushion of questions


I slept on a cushion of questions
Penned with quills of an eagle
Feathers poked me into a dream
Which, if written would never fit in a ream

By then, I were something
Sinking in an ocean
Where tides were dead already
The silence of the deep waters
Had the abyss of my birth and deeds

Searching a full moon in the scanty light
I fainted and sunk to the waters’ glea
There was the eagle perched upon a skull
There at a distance I heard lulls of the quills

All the quills swarmed me at once
Eagle, with a snare was ready to gnaw
The questions of the quills spake in bubbles
Questioned me of my dubious heart

I emptied it of what it treasured
Quills peeped in and checked the measure
The eagle then was quite and calm
All the quills squamed its wings

Brooding eagle pounced in me
Ate the bats hidden in
All of a sudden it was bright
I was cleared off my sight
It was all full moon’s light

I woke up with a gleaming heart
With a teeming soul with all His grace
The eagle was now a pigeon
Pecking the dew of His love
The sweat on my face

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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