Just Penned!! – The fallen brick – A tribute to Shams -e- Tabriz


“If you look around, you can find a face of God in each thing, because He is not hidden in a church, in a mosque, a temple or a synagogue, but everywhere. As there is no one who lives after seeing Him, there is also no one dying after seeing Him. Who finds Him, stays forever with Him.”- Shams e Tabriz (R.A)  – The Guru of Maulana Rumi (R.A)

I were a brick
Who knew its density!
From the wet clay
I were made hard-heartened
In fire, I were clothed a baked skin

Once I were placed in a Temple
I gained some music of God
The other day I were placed in a mosque
I gained some fragrance of God
In the gong of the synagogue
I heard Him resonate
Visiting many places
My heart is desperate

How within the walls
People try feeling Him?
With “their” God they are fine
But with others’
What do they expect of Him?!

“Every prayer fails
That follows a deed of mercy”
Is the music of a temple
The fragrance of a mosque
The resonance of a synagogue

I fell and broke someday
Now hands that touch me
Throw at each other’s “God”
With every soul I hurt
The clay within me bleeds

What on earth we need
With a heart that fails to heed
To its very kith and kin
Can’t it be a fin for others to breath?!

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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