Just Penned!! – Cloak my sail


One word of hope
One glimpse of light
One sight of beloved
One more birth bright

Days and nights turn pages
All wet with the scar of tears
In the home, I’m homeless
My streets are only foot long

Vague turns make mazes
With every wall showing faces
Like a breath on a moist glass
At once, faints with no traces

Even my echoes call you
Are they deceiving for you?!
My humble trembling fervent heart
Is all bare thwarting a rough sea

Become my oar
Befell and soar
I might fell all the stars above
To fish you out to the shore

I’m wreaked with Thy love
Harbor this falling wrecked
Cloak my sail
Come! Quick! Fast!
For days are turning pages
Wet with the scar of my tears

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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