Just Penned!! – A reply to Rumi


“A hundred years from now, my poems will be your evening talks. Just like Joseph’s beauty. When we are dead, seek not our tombs in earth but find it in the hearts of men.” – Rumi

I dip in you with my tea
To make hatch the pearls of heart
And make them chant thy praise

When with dusk and you I sip the tea
It tastes as the wine you speak
Unlike the Joseph’s beauty
Your words are divine booty

So drunk becomes the soul
For there is a garden behold
With only sunflowers
That swirl with ecstasy you told

My heart blossoms such flowers
I pen them and come to you
At your tomb in my heart
I place them and smile for you

To Him I pray
Keep me as this Rumi
Cloak me with Thy grace
Bless me with a Shams of Tabrez
And keep in Thy brace

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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