Just Penned!! – Fleeing to Thy herd


Open oasis
Journey of the mirage
With the thirst to be born
Into a being full of love

Hump filled with thought of the nile
Eyes with the flames of Thy teasing smile
Traces of chameleon plenty
Beloved’s legs still virile

Love avowed woos the mirage
All distances are Thy visage
Indicates the spine
Thy holy vicarage

Fled from Thy herd
Fleeing to Thy herd
Neems in the desert I behold
Thy bitter charm
Is better than the deceiving honey

Scornful heart lovely tanned
In scorching sun, dust and sand
Daubed in Thy particle
This mirage is rising into a camel

O mercy! quench me with nile
O wind! erase the traces of the miles
Hold me on knees, holy sand
Beloved’s legs are now fragile
O open oasis make a dune
Cover, take me out of gloom

At Thy feet, O oasis
I’ll live, lead and linger
With a longing spine
To be quenched, fenced and trenched

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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