Just Penned!! – A pail of love’s ash


In peace erupted fury
Dread awe dead dreary
Kills the sin of killing time
In the name of peace

Keep me but at ease
Hath not Thy pyre
Tickle me teased?!

O ring of fire
Descend from the holy heavens
Burn me like the drench of a rain
Strain my sins, skin me again

Till there comes His sheen
Burn me, strain me, skin me again
Shroud me then with His love
Turn to snow on me from above

If this heart has the old love
Dear it for the very treasure
If still it has the filth of the world
Let the fire have all the pleasure

Horns blow, sing hails
A pail of love’s ash sails
O ocean hurl a gale
Sink me in Thy love’s tale

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet

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