Just Penned!! – In Thy rhythm


Prior to Thee
I prior Thee
Let my lust
Laugh at me
For it is at loss
And had taken a toss

Thy throne is ready
Come to me!

Crisp and effervescent
Like the freshness of a lyric
I linger in Thy rhythm
In an orbit arbitrary

Let every root bear a bud
With Thy fragrance intent
Spurt beneath and above
Thy exuberance thorough

All the pink veins
Root to my heart
Sings praise of Thee
True to my heart

Come join the song
Thy throne is ready
Fall and cap like snow
Keep me heady

The right wound soul
Is all set in swirl
Let my lust
Laugh at me
Only Thee I behold

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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